• I've only tried to build MPSIDL with mingw32 GCC, so far. I'd really appreciate it if someone tried to get it working with Microsoft Visual C++!
  • Please try out building and running MPSIDL on Win32 platforms - I don't have a vast number of them to try, so it'd be great if people posted any datapoints they collected to the MailingLists...

To build MPSIDL on WIN32 platforms (I've tested Windows 95 (and it doesn't work very well) and Windows Me (which works very well indeed) so far), you'll need to set up a few pieces of software:

GCC is downloaded as a self-extracting EXE file. Run it, and install it as per the instructions. (Essentially, put C:\gcc-2.95.2\bin in your PATH...)

Emacs is easy to set up - extract the tarball and then run "runemacs.exe" whenever you want a session.

CVS runs well as a single binary, cvs.exe, which should be in your path.

Bison and Flex need to be in your path. The two Bison support files, bison.hairy and bison.simple, should be somewhere sensible, and you'll need to set the environment variables BISON_SIMPLE and BISON_HAIRY to contain the full paths to each file, respectively:

  SET BISON_SIMPLE=C:\bison\bison.simple
  SET BISON_HAIRY=C:\bison\bison.hairy

for instance.

Once everything is unpacked and installed in your path, you should be able to run these commands from a command prompt and they should all be available:

  C:\> gcc
  C:\> g++
  C:\> make
  C:\> bison
  C:\> flex
  C:\> cvs

Continue on from this point with BuildMpsIdl.

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