1 Basic Build Instructions

For information on setting up a WIN32 build environment, see BuildWin32.

1.1 You will need

  • the items listed at DownloadMpsIdl
  • a recent GNU C++ compiler (2.95.2 works very well - previous versions do not, due to C++ template bugs; if you use 3.x, you will need to make sure you have a recent checkout of mps2 and ref.h)
  • GNU bison and GNU flex (most likely, lex & yacc will work just as well)
  • Optionally, a Java 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 compiler and runtime
  • GNU make (3.77 works well)

1.2 Recipe

Please check to make sure you are running on a SupportedPlatform, and check for any KnownProblems which might affect your architecture.

Once you have managed to DownloadMpsIdl and the "ref.h" file (required for ReferenceCountingGc), you need to put ref.h in a place where the compilers can find it - for instance, /usr/local/include, or the same directory as the "configure" script from the mps2 tarball or checkout. (Automake puts -I. in all cc and c++ command-lines.) For WIN32, you will need to put ref.h in the "include" subdirectory in the toplevel MPSIDL build directory (so that a file named .../mps2/include/ref.h exists).

Please note that ref.h changed between MPS 0.1.4 and 0.1.5 to support GCC 3.x. If you're using that compiler, you'll need to use either a recent CVS checkout of MPS, or version 0.1.5 (currently not yet released) or newer.

Once ref.h is available somewhere in your C++ compiler's "include" path, type:

	$ ./autocvs       (only necessary if you're missing "configure")
	$ ./configure     (for SIMPL support, see SimplTransport)
	$ make		  (GNU make - gmake on some systems)

for UNIX-like platforms (note that you need automake and autoconf to run the "autocvs" script), or

	C:\src\mps2> make -f Makefile.w32

for WIN32 platforms. Optionally, you can now

	$ make install

to install into the ./configure'd destination directory on UNIX, or

	C:\src\mps2> build

to install into C:\Program Files\Hebe\MPSIDL on WIN32.

To build the sample programs on UNIX, including the MpsSimpleExample (all very boring, I assure you):

	$ cd test
	$ make

And that's it.

2 Optional Extras

2.1 SIMPL Support

See the SimplTransport page.

2.2 Building without Java

The current checks for the "javac" program in the current path using the Autoconf macro AC_CHECK_PROG. If javac is not present in the path, mps.jar and other Java code will not be compiled. There's currently no option to try and coax it into having a go anyway, even though javac appears to be missing.

If you want to turn off attempts to build the Java code, you need to supply the "--disable-java" flag to ./configure before you type make:

	$ ./configure --disable-java

This will still perform the check for "javac", but even if it finds it, it will turn off attempts to build any java code.

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