1 Source Distributions

In order to compile MPSIDL successfully, you will need at least:

Once you have all the necessary components, you can BuildMpsIdl.

1.1 Getting ref.h

ref.h stands alone - it is not currently part of any CVS module. You can get it from

1.2 Getting a CVS checkout

Assuming you are familiar with CVS (if you are not, RTM):

  1. cvs -z3 login
  2. just press enter if prompted for a password
  3. cvs -z3 co mps2

Further instructions can be found at

1.3 Getting a recent tarball

You can download the most recent releases of MPSIDL tarballs from

2 Binary distributions

Prebuilt source and binary RPMs for i386-linux are sometimes made available for some MPSIDL releases. Check the directory for a listing of available files.

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