MPSIDL supports passing MPS messages over the SIMPL IPC library. The SIMPL homepage is

To compile the SIMPL support in, make sure that your $SIMPL_HOME variable is set as per the installation instructions for SIMPL. Then run the ./configure script, as described in BuildMpsIdl. If ./configure is run without $SIMPL_HOME defined (and exported), it will not configure MPSIDL to support the SIMPL transport.

Once ./configure is finished, you have to build libmpstransport_simpl.a by hand. Change directory to "libmps/cpp/simpl", and run "make". The library is not installed by the make system, either, so you will have to copy it to where you want it by hand.

Now, when building the tests, two tests which use the SIMPL transport will be built as well as all the others:

  • testsimpl_simpleserver
  • testsimpl_simpleclient

Make sure that you have the SIMPL "nameloc" running when you run MPSIDL clients or servers which make use of the SIMPL transport!

When building clients or servers which use the SIMPL transport, you don't need the SIMPL include directory in your include path, but you will need to link against both libmpstransport_simpl.a (from MPSIDL) and libsimpl.a (from the SIMPL source tree), in that order.

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