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MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream Class Reference

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Public Methods

 SimplIOStream (FCID const &target, bool _u)
 SimplIOStream ()
FCID getOther () const
virtual int read ()
virtual void flush ()

Protected Methods

virtual string referenceTransport () const

Private Attributes

bool useReply
FCID other
int pos
int msglen

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::SimplIOStream ( FCID const & target,
bool _u ) [inline]

Construct a SimplIOStream which will communicate with the nominated target, using Reply() or Send() as per the passed-in boolean.

target   the SIMPL process we are to communicate with
_u   initial setting of useReply

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MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::SimplIOStream ( ) [inline]

Wait for a message to arrive from some other SIMPL process, and when it does, construct a SimplIOStream around it.

Automatically sets useReply to true, given the nature of the task.

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Member Function Documentation

void MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::flush ( ) [inline, virtual]

Sends our outbound message to our interlocutor.

Reimplemented from MPS::OutputStream.

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FCID MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::getOther ( ) const [inline]

Returns the handle on the SIMPL process at the other end of this link.

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int MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::read ( ) [inline, virtual]

Reads a byte from the message this SimplIOStream has read from our interlocutor.

Reimplemented from MPS::InputStream.

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string MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::referenceTransport ( ) const [inline, protected, virtual]

Returns the name of the transport we should look for addresses within when writing out Interface references in writeReference.

Override this in subclasses to set the preferred transport-address-type for references we pickle for transmission.

the name of a transport for use in writeReference()
See also:

Reimplemented from MPS::OutputStream.

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Member Data Documentation

char MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::msg [private]

Message buffer space. Note yucky fixed size!

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int MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::msglen [private]

Number of valid bytes in msg.

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FCID MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::other [private]

Handle on our SIMPL interlocutor.

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int MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::pos [private]

Current read-position.

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bool MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream::useReply [private]

Determines if Reply() or Send() will be used to send.

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