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NamingServiceImpl Class Reference

Implementation class for the MPS Server Interface defined in ../namingservice.mps. More...

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Private Methods

public NamingServiceImpl ()
public String resolve (String name)
public boolean bind (String name, String cname, boolean replace)
public boolean unbind (String name)
public Binding [] enumerate ()

Private Attributes

private Hashtable names = new Hashtable()

Static Private Methods

public void main (String[] args)
public void usage ()

Detailed Description

Implementation class for the MPS Server Interface defined in ../namingservice.mps.

MPS uses an MPS server to locate its own server names!

Note that this class has a main method - it is its own application as well: a standalone MPS name server.

Tony Garnock-Jones <>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

public NamingServiceImpl::NamingServiceImpl ( ) [inline, private]

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Member Function Documentation

public boolean NamingServiceImpl::bind ( String name,
String cname,
boolean replace ) [inline, private]

Implement the naming-service name binding function.

name   the object name to use
cname   the canonical name to use
replace   whether to replace any potential existing bindings with the same name or not
true if the bind succeeded; false if an existing binding was not replaced

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Referenced by main().

public Binding[] NamingServiceImpl::enumerate ( ) [inline, private]

Get a list of all the name-value pairs in the current running database.

an array of Result structures containing every map in the hashtable

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public void NamingServiceImpl::main ( Stringargs[] ) [inline, static, private]

Main method for the standalone naming server.

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public String NamingServiceImpl::resolve ( String name ) [inline, private]

Implement the naming-service resolution function.

name   the objectName to look up
the results of the lookup - an address, or the empty-string

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public boolean NamingServiceImpl::unbind ( String name ) [inline, private]

Implement the naming-service name unbinding function.

name   the name to remove from this nameserver
true if the name was removed; false if it was not bound in the first place

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public void NamingServiceImpl::usage ( ) [inline, static, private]

Display a friendly application-usage message to stdout.

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Member Data Documentation

private Hashtable NamingServiceImpl::names = new Hashtable() [private]

This class uses a naive hashtable-lookup to map objectNames onto resolvedNames (aka canonical names).

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