Package org.hebe.mps

Class Summary
Connection Manages client-side connections to an MPS server.
InputStream Structures the bitstream coming from an MPS server into usable MPS primitive types (mapped onto Java types, of course).
NamingServiceImpl Implementation class for the MPS Server Interface defined in ../namingservice.mps.
OutputStream Flattens the bitstream going to an MPS server from MPS primitive types.
Proxy This is the base class of all client-side MPS object handles.
Server Implements all the code needed to get an implementation of an MPS interface running as an MPS server.
Thunk This class is used to glue together interface implementation-methods and the Server dispatch code.

Exception Summary
MPSConnectionClosedException Thrown when the connection to the server or client closes unexpectedly.
MPSException Thrown when a general MPS error condition arises that is not indicated back to the client via normal call-return semantics.
UserException Superclass of all exceptions throwable by MPS interface implementations.