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This is the homepage for MPSIDL, a Message Passing System, reminiscent of IDL but not as heavyweight. The current version is MPSIDL v0.1.4; you can download it now. For GCC 3.x support, you'll need to DownloadMpsIdl from CVS.

MPSIDL was written by Tony Garnock-Jones, and is released under a BSD-style license. You can contact the author via the MailingLists, or directly at

Please note that MPS is not compatible with OMG's CORBA ( and it does not use IIOP; it is a lightweight "replacement" for CORBA, not a drop-in CORBA implementation.

MPS applications are platform- and language-independent. That is, an MPS client can be written in any supported language (currently C++ or Java) and will be able to communicate with any MPS server written in any language on any SupportedPlatform in a transparent manner.

To get an idea of what a simple MPS object might look like, have a look at the MpsSimpleExample. For a more detailed overview, take a look at MpsQuickTutorial. If you're interested in knowing how the system works internally, check out MpsBehindTheScenes. If you're interested in how well the system performs, check out MpsPerformance. If you're interested in helping with development, check out the TodoList.

General Documentation:

  • The OldSite is still available, for now.

Programmer Documentation:

  • MpsSimpleExample - twenty second tour of a simple MPS object
  • MpsQuickTutorial - step-by-step guide to creating simple MPS objects
  • A list of KnownProblems is available

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