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MPS Namespace Reference


class  MPS::Address
 Represents a resolved name for an object. More...

class  MPS::Connection::Callback
 A callback - subclass, and use with setCallback. More...

class  MPS::Connection
 Manages a connection over a Transport to an MPS server. More...

class  MPS::FastmsgTransport
 Implements a Fastmsg-based Transport class for accessing and serving MPS objects. More...

class  MPS::InetTransport::InetConnection
class  MPS::InetTransport::InetDemux
class  MPS::InetTransport::InetDispatcher
class  MPS::InetTransport::InetIOStream
class  MPS::InetTransport
 Implements a TCP/IP-socket Transport class for accessing and serving MPS objects. More...

class  MPS::InputStream
 Used to stream data from a Connection. More...

class  MPS::Interface
 Base class which all MPS Interfaces (implementations and proxies) must inherit from. More...

class  MPS::InterfaceServer
 Base class for MPS object servers. More...

class  MPS::MPSConnectionClosedException
 Thrown when reading from a closed Connection or a too-short InputStream. More...

class  MPS::MPSException
 Base class for most exceptions thrown by MPS. More...

class  MPS::OutputStream
 Used to stream data to a Connection. More...

class  MPS::Proxy
 Implements a client-side handle on a MPS server object, using a Connection. More...

struct  MPS::QueuedMessage_t
class  MPS::Server
 Generalised server for MPS objects, proxies, and gateways. More...

class  MPS::SimplTransport::SimplConnection
class  MPS::SimplTransport::SimplIOStream
class  MPS::SimplTransport
 Implements a Transport class for accessing and serving MPS objects via the SIMPL protocol ( More...

class  MPS::Transport
 Represents a method of resolving names for, and connecting to remote objects. More...

class  MPS::UserException
 Superclass of all exceptions throwable by MPS interface implementations. More...


typedef org::hebe::mps::naming::NamingService NamingService
typedef org::hebe::mps::naming::Binding NameBinding


ref<NamingServicegetNamingService (string nsAddress="")
string toString (int x)


char const* MPS_version_string = "MPSIDL version " MPSIDL_VERSION
deque<QueuedMessage_t *> msgQueue

Typedef Documentation

typedef org::hebe::mps::naming::Binding MPS::NameBinding

Definition at line 72 of file mps.h.

typedef org::hebe::mps::naming::NamingService MPS::NamingService

Definition at line 71 of file mps.h.

Function Documentation

ref< NamingService > MPS::getNamingService ( string nsAddress = "" )

Returns a reference to a naming service, from the address passed in.

If no address (or the empty string) is passed in, uses the contents of the environment variable MPS_NAMESERVER as the address to use; if this environment variable is absent, uses a hardcoded default.

Definition at line 44 of file

string toString ( int x ) [static]

Definition at line 53 of file

Referenced by MPS_MESSAGE_MAXLEN(), MPS::SimplTransport::SimplConnection::getInputStream(), MPS::InetTransport::InetConnection::getInputStream(), and MPS::InetTransport::InetDemux::processEvent().

Variable Documentation

char const* MPS::MPS_version_string = "MPSIDL version " MPSIDL_VERSION

Definition at line 44 of file

deque<QueuedMessage_t *> MPS::msgQueue [static]

Definition at line 271 of file

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